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  ‘The System’ Explained

and How To Organise Society Better

A work by Ed McDonnell, active in worker’s organisation

and politics for fifty years in the UK, a retired lecturer

who taught workplace union reps/shop stewards.

It’s the system’ – what shopfloor workers

always said to this writer when he worked

in industry and argued against the wealth

and power of employers, business people

and the rich.

‘A lesson from the Obama years – failure to

seize the opportunities offered by the great

recession to reform an economic system that

has worked against most Americans for four

decades.’        (The Observer 17-1-2021)

The state we, humanity, are in,

is ridiculous and unnecessary.

On top of the awful problems we always

have with jobs, health, recessions, war

and the  rest,  we’re  wrecking our own

environment and allowing our world to

be governed by anti-people crazies.

With  our  great  technical  knowledge

and   ability to  cooperate  to  produce

all  we  need  and  more,  it needn’t be

like  this.  For  that,  we  need  to get a

grip  of  ‘the system’,  to  get  the basic

framework of society clear in our heads.

Here is The Super Summary of the work -

The Super Summary.pdf  v. 2022.6C

  just 2,500 words, in large text for phones/devices

  Here is The Ten Minute Read -

 The Ten Minute Read.pdf  

5,000 words, in large text for phones/devices.

    And here is the full book

The System Explained.pdf


A  big  read, at 225,000 words,  but read just

to page 31,  which  includes  the  summaries

The Super Summary and The Ten Minute Read,

and you get the basics. You can print normal-

size copies of the summaries from it.

 Buy the full book , printed, £11.99 plus postage,


Special Papers

  Talking Politics With Each Other.pdf

- will help you discuss politics with others.

          In large text for smart phones/devices.

  Talking Politics With Each Other For Print.pdf

  As above but in smaller font for printing

  Talking With Voters.pdf

- a version for progressive movements

with a small group activity for meetings.

Three One-page Charts - some of

the work’s key points as diagrams…

The Basic Politics Chart.pdf    

... how we relate in politics

The Right To Organise Chart.pdf 

… people’s right to organize as workers

The 'It's Your Money Not Theirs' Chart.pdf 

 … how we make all that wealth


And finally…

The Right To Organise In Unions.pdf 

-      key extracts from the full book.

   208 pages, v.2022.6C

(It is also on www.therighttoorganise.com ,

its own website).


Buy it printed from Lulu by print-on-demand,

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