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‘The System’ Explained

and How To Make It Fairer

An analysis of how the world is run,

written by Ed McDonnell (see end of page)


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There’s a lot wrong with the world.

Most people think politicians run it

and look to them to fix things and

make it work. They think they aim to

operate in everyone’s best interests.

That is misleading. The world runs

by a larger system. Politicians don’t

make this system. It makes them.

They come from it and represent

different groups in it.

And they mostly leave it alone.

Conservatives believe in not

running this system. They claim it

works better, for everybody, when

left unregulated by government.

But the system grants business people,

the business class, privileges over

everybody else that allow unfair basic

relationships, many cruelties, and

absurdly unequal distribution of

power and wealth.

Conservatives claim it works best

for everybody, unregulated, because

they represent the business class.

(And are usually members of it).

‘Laissez-faire’ – the classic conservative

argument – is class-serving crap that

denies democratic control of the most

important issues in public life.

When we vote conservatives out,

for parties who genuinely want to

govern in everyone’s interests,

they are constrained by the system.

They can’t do what’s needed because

the business class organise the

economy – goods, services, jobs –

and so they defer to them. It’s our fault

as well - we too accept how the system

grants the business class power. We

don’t give progressive parties enough

support to put them into government

with the backing to regulate the business

class and the (their) business system.

Just how the business class, a self-

centered, uncaring minority, are able

to dominate everybody else is not widely

known or talked about. So the majority,

who are mostly workers, don’t make

sense of how they are treated and don’t

represent themselves well in the wider

system and in politics.

They allow conservative parties to get

into government, where they protect,

and refuse to regulate, this system,

in which business people are allowed

the authority to oppose and neglect

the interests of the majority.

And wreck our habitat.

It's all because we don’t have a clear

view of the system as the core of our

political ideas and actions. We need a

clear, commonly-held understanding

of this larger system, how its basic

feature is that business people

dominate everybody else, and

how they do it.

The key is to recognize the main

economic and political issue as

business-class supremacy over

the rest (white, black and brown);

that they have it because they

organise themselves; that the rest

must organise themselves too, to

match them, at work and in politics.

Downloads and Links

Here, The Super Summary of the work -

The Super Summary.pdf  v. 2022.6M

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 Here, The Ten Minute Read -

 The Ten Minute Read.pdf  

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    And here, the full book

The System Explained.pdf


At over 200,00 words, a big read for a big subject.

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The Super Summary and The Ten Minute Read,

and you get the basics. (You can print normal-

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Special Papers

  How To Talk Politics With Each Other.pdf

- will help you discuss politics with others.

          In large text for smart phones/devices.

  How To Talk Politics With Each Other for printing.pdf

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  Talking With Voters.pdf

- a version for progressive movements

with a small group activity for meetings.

The Three Summary Charts.pdf    

Three one-page charts - some of

the work’s key points as diagrams…

…people’s right to organize as workers

...how we relate in politics

…how we make all the wealth



The Right To Organise In Unions.pdf 

-      key extracts from the full book.

   208 pages. v.2022.9

(also has its own website

 www.therighttoorganise.com )


Buy it printed, now coil-bound for easy reading,

from here….



Ed McDonnell is a retired lecturer.

He has been active in class politics

for fifty years (in the UK). He taught

courses for union workplace reps/shop



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